Plusoptix Emphasizes Customer Service for its Child-Friendly Photoscreener

Vision screening programs need photoscreening devices that are reliable.

By Ryan Ham

As a member of the Athens, Ohio, area Lions Club, I have been involved in vision screening efforts for the past 4 years. Recently, we began looking for an updated device to use. We were looking to grow our outreach efforts to involve more kids. Knowing that other Ohio groups were fans of the Plusoptix vision screening devices, we decided to purchase four machines. Our district raised the needed money, and we received a matching grant from Lions International.


Plusoptix Vision Screeners are awarded for their child-friendly and ergonomic product design
Plusoptix Vision Screeners are awarded for their child-friendly and ergonomic product design


There is never a shortage of children who need vision screenings. But, we always need volunteers. Because Plusoptix vision screeners are so easy to use, child-friendly, and fast, our volunteers are engaged. They are empowered knowing that they are making a difference in children’s lives. We are now using the photoscreener in each of our regions, making it easier to expand our programs.

I tell volunteers that using the vision screener is game changer for children. Many kids walk up to the volunteer’s station with their heads down and their arms limp at their sides. They do not really know what to expect. However, within a minute, they feel as if they are playing a game. The photoscreener makes fun noises. We give the children a sticker when the screening is over.


* Source: Studio McDermott and Preschool Vision Screening Program, Elks Children’s Eye Clinic, OHSU


Recently, I had an error with a device. I was even more satisfied with our group’s decision to choose the Plusoptix screener after a recent customer service experience. The representative treated me with care and respect. Plustopix promptly repaired the device. It is refreshing to partner with a technology company that truly understands customer service.


Plusoptix Screener with Hassle-free warranty
Plusoptix Screener comes with an outstanding “hassle-free warranty”.

The Plusoptix photoscreener is accurate and reliable. The measurement algorithm has been scientifically validated. We can easily adjust the settings and associated referral criteria to fit the population being screened. The device displays the vision screening result as a “pass” or “refer.” Children with a refer result are sent to an eye care provider to receive a full, dilated eye examination.


We rely on linking volunteers with technology for our vision screening programs to be successful. Therefore, it is exciting when dedicated members of Lions Clubs around the country can use the latest advances in their outreach. We can identify more children with preventable vision disorders using simplified vision screening. Photoscreening technology like the Plusoptix vision screener makes the process easier, faster, and more fun. The people behind this technology are partners to the many volunteers putting the devices to work in their communities.


Plusoptix is the world leader in binocular photoscreening. Plusoptix Photoscreener are accurate, awarded, reliable and compatible.

Furthermore, Plusoptix strives to provide an outstanding customer service. With the offer of our “Hassle-free warranty” and continual free software updates, along with quick response and repair (just in case), an optimal and smooth operation with Plusoptix devices is guaranteed.

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