Prepare Kids for a Successful School Year with Vision Screening

MaryAnn Ragone DeLambily

Good vision is important to a child in order to succeed in the classroom. Eighty percent of learning comes through the visual pathways and for that to happen, good sight is needed. Therefore, it is essential to find any potential problem before it’s too late and interferes with school learning. 

Performance in School

Focus and Concentration

Multiple things can go wrong that cause a vision-related learning problem. It is very difficult to focus on school work when there is a vision problem.  Many children become fidgety and start to act out only to find out that the reason behind it is because they are not able to focus. They are struggling to read the fine print in their textbooks or cannot see the writing on the whiteboard or screen from far away. They are unable to concentrate on something that is taken for granted. Ultimately, this lack of focus or lack of concentration will cause a child to forego his work or tasks asked of him. Over time, this will negatively affect a child’s ability to learn and his performance in school will deteriorate. 

Performance in Sports and Recreation

What child doesn’t like to play outdoors? Not only is it play time but it helps children burn off energy so they come back to the classroom refreshed and ready to learn. But if they have vision related problems, this could mean that they are unable to participate in sports or activities that involve good hand-eye coordination or good distance vision like soccer, football, or baseball. When children do not get the physical exercise that is needed for good development, they will not only suffer from poor academic performance but in other social areas as well. 


Children learn by reading but if they are unable to read the words, make sense of the letters, or move their eyes in the direction of the sentences, they will have a very difficult time comprehending what they just read.  This will directly affect their ability to understand their class work and complete assignments. 

Confidence Builder

When we are confident, we feel good about ourselves and those around us, what we are doing, our work, and our future. Children feel confident when they are getting good grades, when they know the subject well, work hard, complete assignments, preparing for the day’s lesson and ultimately do well in school. For those children who cannot see the whiteboard, read their books, follow sentences, play sports or have recreation time, their confidence level is low. They will feel inadequate and worthless and will have trouble fitting in, making friends, and have any motivation or ability to do well in school. These children will fall behind in their studies, will not view school as enjoyable, and will eventually lose interest and/or act out. 

 Vision Screening Can Help

Back to School with Instrument-Based Vision Screening

Many children are struggling to see and due to the pandemic with home confinement and more screen time, there has been an increase in myopia (nearsightedness) among children.

According to Dr. Edward V. Cordes, Past International Director, Lions KidSight USA Foundation, “Fifty-five million students had to contend with full or partial school closures in 2020, which means they spent more time online than before the pandemic. Just how many more children now strain to see clearly and are struggling to learn? We just don’t know, and that’s the problem. These children urgently need to be identified and helped to ensure early and successful treatment.”

Almost 40 percent of children in the United States have never undergone a vision screening. The delivery of vision screening services for children going back to school is an important and effective way to determine if a child has a vision problem. The Plusoptix vision screener provides an accurate, non-contact, safe, and reliable screening for children. The detection of vision problems at an early age can be treated early on to prevent a child from having further complications that would impede learning in the classroom. 

Act Now

Before school is in session, or early on in the school year, be sure your child gets the proper vision care and eye health before it is too late.  Prepare now for a successful school year ahead. 

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