March is Save Your Vision Month – by MaryAnn Ragone DeLambily

Save your Vision month

One thing should be common to all: Good eye health is important at all stages in life and should be taken seriously before it’s too late. Unfortunately, for some, getting a routine eye screening or check-up is not thought of until they have a vision problem. Therefore, the American Optometric Association has recognized the month of March as Save Your Vision Month. But what does the “Save Your Vision Month” mean?

Save Your Vision Month is designed to help and educate the public on the importance of taking care of your eyes on a regular basis. This special day is designed to foster awareness and promoting good eye health.

But good eye health encompasses many different things and means different things to different people. Plusoptix supports the American Optometric Association in acknowledging Save Your Vision Month and providing state-of-the-art Vision Screening devices to enable Primary Healthcare Providers to detect vision disorders in children as early as possible.

Save Vision before Problems Begin

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