Das Logo Compatible steht für die hohe Kompabilität der Plusoptix Geräte im Praxisalltag der Kunden.

Easy handling and documentation

All measuring devices from Plusoptix can be seamlessly integrated into the existing workflows and take up little space due to their compact design. Use of the devices is simple and automated, so that trained personnel can operate the measuring devices without any problems. The measurement results and camera images can be documented electronically or on paper.

Electronic full integration (CSV)

If an EMR system is already available, the patient data can be sent to the Plusoptix measuring device before the screening. Once the screening is complete, the measurement results can be sent immediately and automatically from the measuring device to the EMR system. Plusoptix incurs no additional costs for the connection. However, the practice software provider may incur costs for the connection.

Electronic partial integration (PDF)

If a full electronic integration is not desired or feasible, the measurement results can first be saved as a PDF file and then manually added to the EMR system.

Documentation with your smartphone

If the measuring device is connected to a smartphone via a hotspot, the measurement report can either be easily sent by e-mail, uploaded to a database or printed on a printer connected to the smartphone.

Printout of a measurement report

It is always a good idea to provide the patient with the measurement results in the form of a clear measurement protocol.

With our free software plusoptiXconnect, the measurement report can be automatically sent to any printer already available in the practice after a measurement has been completed.

In addition, the measurement protocols can be customized with so-called infographics.


Printout of a (self-adhesive) label

In some cases, the documentation of the pure measurement values, without a camera image and graphic illustrations, on paper is completely sufficient. In this case, we recommend printing a label on our wireless label printer plusoptiX P12.

The plusopitX P12 label printer is a thermal printer that does not require any printer cartridges. The labels can be printed out on normal or self-adhesive paper.

The print job is sent to the printer without contact via the infrared interface integrated in the Plusoptix measuring devices. There is no need to connect a cable or set up a WLAN network.

Please contact us if you have any further questions about the compatibility of our measuring devices.


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