Vision Screening can answer this question.

With a measurement from one meter in less than a second, it is possible to detect the most prevalent vision disorders.

Seeing needs to be learned

Because eyes are the most important sensory organ of humans. And yet 1 in 5 children suffer from vision disorders, which can lead to amblyopia without early detection.1

But just as with running or speaking, children also have to learn to see with both eyes (binocular vision) in the first years of life.

Parents witness the progress as their baby learns to move or to speak the first words every day. How and what your child sees, remains unknown.


Quelle: Donahue SP, Arthur B, Neely DE, Arnold RW, Silbert D, Rubin JR. Guidelines for automated preschool vision screening: A 10-year, evidence-based update. J AAPOS. 2013;17(1):4-8


Two healthy eyes are crucial for the child's future

Good vision is important for school performance, road safety and also when choosing a career.

Children dream of working as a bus driver, fireman, police officer or pilot. But for that they have to be able to see really well as adults. With poor eyesight, they cannot practice these professions.

Kostenübernahme durch die Krankenkassen

Die Kosten der Augenvorsorgeuntersuchung beim Kinderarzt (auch Amblyopiescreening genannt), werden von einigen Krankenkassen übernommen.

Falls Ihre Krankenkasse das Amblyopiescreening nicht bezahlen sollte, können Sie mit der Rechnung dieser Leistung einen Antrag auf Kostenerstattung bei Ihrer Krankenkasse stellen.

Vision Screening with the Plusoptix Vision Screener

  • From one meter distance
  • In less than one second
  • From the age of 5 months
  • Clinically proven measurement accuracy
  • Awarded, child-friendly design

In summary, it can be said that the simple use of the Plusoptix Vision Screener and the proposed referral criteria as a supplement to the clinical examination are a milestone in the prevention of our children's eyes. - Magazine kinder.ärzte Switzerland

For more information about our screening devices, refer to the Plusoptix Vision Screener product page.

What can I do?

Talk to your doctor. He will provide individual advice and will conduct a vision screening in your child.