What should I do in case of a malfunction?

Plusoptix strives to provide an outstanding customer service. With the offer of our “Hassle-free warranty” and free software updates, along with quick response and repair (just in case), an optimal and smooth operation with Plusoptix devices is guaranteed.

Check your power supply, first!

In case you encounter a malfunction or your device doesn’t turn on, please have a look at the power supply, first. Connect the medical power adapter that came with your device to electricity, and check if the green LED on top of the medical power adapter is illuminated. Then connect your medical power adapter to your device and switch it on.

The malfunction persists? Contact us!

In case the malfunction persists after the above mentioned steps, please call our after-sales service center at +49-911-59 83 99 10 (CEST office hours) or e-mail us at the bottom of the page.

Be aware that our ability to provide support depends on you making the following information available:

1. Serial Number (S/N)

You will find the S/N of your device on a silver sticker next to the battery compartment (battery powered devices) or on the bottom of the cradle (stationary devices).

2. Detailed error description

Key to identify and fix an error is an error description that enables us to reproduce the error. Please try to address the following questions in your error description:

  • What did you do before the error occurred?
  • How does the error show?
  • What do you see on screen?
  • Does the error occur constantly or randomly?
  • Hint: When sending an e-mail you may find it easier to take pictures of the screen or the device and to attach them to your message rather than writing a wordy description
3. Software Version

The currently installed Software Version is indicated in the device settings. To get there, perform the following steps:

To get there, touch the tools button in the lower left corner of the navigation bar.
Then touch the "i" button in the upper right corner of the settings menu.
Your software version number is portrayed on the left side.

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