For an early detection of media opacities and abnormal reflexes

Eine Ansicht des monokularen OptiScopes und des binokularen Ophthalmoskopes von Plusoptix.

Plusoptix offers monocular and binocular ophthalmoscopes with a large examination range for pediatricians, opticians and optometrists. Through photo documentation of the pupil, which is illuminated with infrared light, it enables a quick, but above all relaxed examination for media opacities or abnormal reflexes.

Photo documentation

After starting the Plusoptix device, the pupil is illuminated with infrared light and a photo of the pupils is saved on the connected storage medium. The images can be assessed without time pressure and saved in the patient file for documentation.


The device shows the images of the illuminated pupil, which enables easy analysis.
Click here to find more information about the transillumination test.

Transillumination test

Visible light

Infrared light

In infrared light, the pupils remain large even without dropping.
Central and peripheral opacities can be seen.

Clear media
uniform illumination of the entire pupil

Refractive error

light / dark gradient with any orientation

Abnormal reflex
amorphous shadows in or on the edge of the pupil

Media opacities
punctual shadows in or on the edge of the pupil

Device models

optiScope (monocular)

The "optiScope (monocular)" is a monocular ophthalmoscope with a large examination range for opticians and optometrists.

The market launch of the "optiScope monocular" is planned for the second half of 2020 after CE marking. We are offering the first customers the "optiScope (monocular)" at a special low introductory price.

optiScope (binocular)

The optiScope (binocular) is a binocular ophthalmoscope with a large examination range for pediatricians.

Unlike a regular, monocular ophthalmoscope this binocular ophthalmoscope is tailored to facilitate the comparison of both eyes in the context of a Red Reflex / Brückner test.

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